AquaFinesse Hot Tub Solution 3L


AquaFinesse Hot Tub Solution 3L

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With just one dose per week, AquaFinesse ensures clean, silky soft and crystal-clear water. In addition, the AquaFinesse formula ensures that your hot tub components last longer because it avoids the accumulation of limescale in your hot tub/spa!

AquaFinesse water treatment applies a groundbreaking, proven technology that tackles the living environment of the bacteria in your spa water. As a result, only a minimal amount of disinfection is required.

Use AquaFinesse once a week and enjoy clean, crystal-clear water, while preventing the re-growth of bacteria in your swim spa, hot tub or swimming pool.

Green, healthy and certified.

AquaFinesse is environmentally friendly, safe and gentle on your skin. The pleasant AquaFinesse scent comes from organic lavender grown in the French countryside. AquaFinesse water maintenance products have been tested and certified by a large number of independent testing organizations around the world.

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